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It’s Important to Create Psychological Safety for Autistic Professionals

Creating psychological safety on your team can help neurodiverse professionals embrace their strengths and better navigate the workplace.

Illustration of a diverse group of people with their arms around each other, hugging.

DEIB: Who Is Impacted & Why It’s Important

While DEIB impacts all people, it seeks to empower BIPOC communities with equitable opportunities to thrive in the workplace—particularly important in light of recent racially-motivated crimes and centuries of historical underrepresentation.

Illustration of a father and son playing video games on a flat screen television.

Why Accessible Video Games Matter

Accessible video games can contribute to overall quality of life and interpersonal relationships, as well as helping to combat social isolation for those living with all types of disabilities.

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The InclusionHub Podcast Art featuring the InclusionHub Logo and text that says InclusionHub Podcast on a navy background.
Disability Advocacy Fable Podcast

The InclusionHub Podcast | Episode 9: ‘The Future Is Unwritten’

In this episode, Sam continues this important conversation by revisiting several core themes of the series, along with vital insights from past guests, to look ahead to what the future may hold for digital accessibility and inclusion, for all.

Navy and teal Sight Tech Global logo on a light green background.
Fable Blindness/Vision Impairment Events

Accessibility Event Spotlight: Sight Tech Global

Sight Tech Global is a free and accessible annual virtual conference addressing how emerging technologies can improve the lives of people with disabilities.

Illustration of Astro wearing glasses and a Salesforce Trailblazer sweatshirt, waving.
Industry Spotlight Disability Advocacy Salesforce

Blazing a Trail for Salesforce Administrators With Disabilities

A Salesforce admin for the nonprofit Benetech, Kathi Duffy utilizes the Trailhead program to enlarge her skillset and blaze a trail for other professionals that are d/Deaf or hard of hearing.

Illustration of two people wearing pride gear and celebrating. They carry a Trans Pride flag with the Point of Pride logo on it.
Inclusion Industry Spotlight LGBTQIA+

Equity Through Actions: Point of Pride Amplifies Accessibility, Transparency, and Engagement

Nonprofit organization Point of Pride expands its services to the most vulnerable, ensuring access to life-saving health and wellness services.

The InclusionHub Podcast Art featuring the InclusionHub Logo and text that says InclusionHub Podcast on a navy background.
Accessibility Disability Advocacy Podcast

The InclusionHub Podcast | Episode 8: 'Necessary Evils'

In this episode of The InclusionHub Podcast, host Sam Proulx resets the table, so to speak, returning to several critical yet rarely articulated insights shared by guests of our inaugural drop, and re-evaluating where we are as a society in the collective quest toward true digital accessibility and inclusion, for all.

A group of people happily gathered, working on a project. The HubSpot Sprocket and INBOUND logo appear.
Diversity DEI Industry Spotlight

‘Just the Beginning’: Shana Sumers Talks Black@INBOUND & Growing Inclusion Efforts at HubSpot

Shana Sumers is an engaging, inspiring force of empowerment and advocacy for safe spaces and intentional inclusion. As HubSpot’s Senior Manager, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Communities, Sumers has grown the Black@INBOUND community to new heights and aspires to launch other groups in the future.

Coworkers in an office setting; two people review a graph, communicating through ASL. Another two are passing files, and a woman works independently on her laptop—the table has been adapted to accommodate her wheelchair height.
Disability Advocacy News DEAM

DEAM 2022: People With Disabilities Continue to Face Barriers to Employment

Globally, people with disabilities are disproportionately less likely to be in the workforce—a trend that has continued for decades. In response, public and private leaders are using Disability Employment Awareness Month to raise awareness and push for greater inclusion.

Two people sitting at their desks attending a virtual meeting. One is on a computer and the other is on a tablet.
Accessibility DEAM Salesforce

7 Tips to Make Your Virtual Meetings More Accessible & Inclusive

Implementing “access checks,” offering flexible video and audio options, limiting chat feature use, and investing in real-time captioning are just a few things you can do to make your virtual meetings more accessible and inclusive for professionals with disabilities.

Two people are sifting through a box of printed mail. The box has the Design Distributors Inc. logo emblazoned on the front.
Hiring Disability Advocacy DEAM

Disability Employment Awareness Month Spotlight: Design Distributors

In celebration of Disability Employment Awareness Month, InclusionHub highlights Design Distributors—a New York-based direct mail business prioritizing inclusive hiring and a welcoming work environment.

The InclusionHub Podcast Art featuring the InclusionHub Logo and text that says InclusionHub Podcast on a navy background.
Blindness/Vision Impairment Podcast

The InclusionHub Podcast | Episode 7: ‘A Family Affair (Part II)’

On this episode, The InclusionHub Podcast’s host Sam Proulx returns yet again to where it all began for him, personally: his dad, Rej. He picks up the extraordinary conversation from last episode exactly where it left off: discussing his father’s three-decade career at IBM, his bouts with discrimination along the way, digital accessibility and inclusion, the future, and much, much more.

Illustration of someone writing in their notebook. A coffee cup and glasses lay next to the notebook.
DEI Community Voice

Outlining Your DEIB Goals: Where Do You Start?

By using critically considered mission, vision, and value statements as a lens through which to authentically guide DEIB goals, organizations can generate meaningful cultural change within their teams.

The B-Well Bee character accompanied by text that says, 'The Deaf Experience. Troy Kotsur: Academy Award-Winning Actor & Advocate.'
News DEAM Salesforce

InclusionHub Founding Partner Salesforce Interviews Academy Award Winner Troy Kotsur of ‘CODA’

Catherine Nichols, Vice President of the Office of Accessibility at Salesforce, recorded a wide-ranging interview with the decorated actor Troy Kotsur, an advocate for the d/Deaf community and the first Deaf man to win an Academy Award for acting for his role in the Oscar-winning film “CODA.”

Four hands, each holding a letter on a poster. The letters spell out DEAM.
Inclusion Disability Advocacy DEAM

Department of Labor Equity Action Plan: Breaking Down Systemic Barriers Experienced by Disabled & Marginalized Workers

In recognition of Disability Employment Awareness Month, the Department of Labor released a comprehensive “Equity Action Plan” to support marginalized workers and improve employment conditions, including for people with disabilities.

The InclusionHub Podcast Art featuring the InclusionHub Logo and text that says InclusionHub Podcast on a navy background.
DEAM Blindness/Vision Impairment Podcast

The InclusionHub Podcast | Episode 6: ‘A Family Affair (Part I)’

We’re honored to bring this special conversation to you now, in October, which is recognized as National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) in the United States, and DEAM globally. Given the length of their chat, we decided to break up this episode into two parts, so look out for Part II’s release later this month.

Astro wearing a Trailblazer sweatshirt holding a flag that says a11y.
News DEAM Salesforce

Salesforce Trailblazer Receives Diversity & Inclusion Award

Blind Institute of Technology honors Sarah Mark, Sr. Program Manager of Workforce Development for People with Disabilities at Salesforce.

Illustration of an open mind with flowers and leaves coming out of it. People onlook and admire.
Community Voice DEAM Salesforce

Day in the Life: Neurodivergent Professionals

Despite continued stigmatization and detrimental biases in work culture, neurodivergent professionals bring novel insights and problem-solving skills to teams and organizations that prioritize inclusion and accessibility.

The InclusionHub Podcast Art featuring the InclusionHub Logo and text that says InclusionHub Podcast on a navy background.
Disability Advocacy Podcast

The InclusionHub Podcast | Episode 5: ‘Nothing About Us Without Us’

In this extraordinary episode of The InclusionHub Podcast, we delve even deeper into its meaning and ongoing application in the fight for a fully accessible web. We’re honored, once again, to have truly incredible guests sharing their personal and collective experiences with us, toward this end.

Cloudy the Goat wearing a Trailblazer sweatshirt, holding a lollipop-shaped paddle that says a11y. A badge on the top right says Dreamforce 2022.
Accessibility News Salesforce

Building A More Accessible Dreamforce

InclusionHub founding partner Salesforce will host an accessibility track at Dreamforce 2022, the largest software conference in the world.