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Samuel Proulx,
Accessibility Evangelist

“Fable knows that accessibility and inclusion are practices that need to be integrated into every area of a company. We’re thrilled to be part of InclusionHub, which enables bringing the practitioners of accessibility and inclusion together to accelerate the inclusion of accessibility processes into all organizations across the globe.”

Build inclusive products

About Fable

Fable is a leading accessibility platform, powered by people with disabilities. Fable helps organizations move away from worrying about compliance to building incredible and accessible user experiences. Digital teams work with Fable to improve accessibility for the more than 1 billion people with disabilities around the world who are disproportionately impacted by inaccessible digital products.

“Fable is focused on making digital products as usable as possible to a wider population and a wider range of people—and we focus on the experiences of people with disabilities to improve accessibility,” says Alwar Pillai, CEO and co-founder of Fable. “We believe in a shift away from ‘accessibility compliance,’ to practicing inclusive design at scale. Partnering with InclusionHub is an intuitive extension of our mission to improve digital accessibility.”

Digital accessibility, powered by people with disabilities

Fable Engage connects digital teams to people with disabilities remotely and on-demand for accessibility research and testing. Bringing people with disabilities into the product development process not only ensures that those most impacted have a seat at the table, but also makes the entire development phase more efficient.

"We believe people with disabilities need to be included in all aspects of the digital world, and not just considered as passive consumers," adds Samuel Proulx, Fable’s Accessibility Evangelist. "Too often in the accessibility space, people with disabilities are taken advantage of, their work frequently framed as volunteering, or compensated through gift cards. Assistive technology use is a learned and specialized skill, and so people with those skills should be commensurately paid. Fable compensates its accessibility testing community with competitive, tech industry rates."

Fable Engage

Fable Engage empowers user researchers, designers, and developers to collect product feedback from people with disabilities. Different types of user engagement at varying stages of development are the best way to consistently build inclusive products. Fable Engage enables teams to collect video recordings, conduct user research, review prototypes, meet with experts, and test compatibility across assistive technology configurations.

Custom accessibility training for your team

Fable Upskill

Fable Upskill provides custom accessibility training for digital teams to gain skills to build inclusive products. Fable Upskill helps make accessibility part of everyone’s job, so that products are designed inclusively from the start. Fable Upskill provides team members with the skills and knowledge that they specifically need, whether they are a designer, a researcher, or a developer. Fable Upskill helps team leaders manage and track accessibility training, so they can advance their whole team with confidence.

Screenshot of Fable Upskill learning environment.

Visit Fable’s website to learn more about their products and mission to improve digital accessibility.

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