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The InclusionHub Podcast | Episode 12: Founding Partner Spotlight — Salesforce

In this episode of our Founding Partner Series, Morey Creative’s Jeffrey Howard talks accessibility, inclusion, community, and much more with Catherine Nichols, Vice President of the Office of Accessibility at Salesforce.

Illustration of a person holding a megaphone and a sign that says 'Section 508.'

Accessibility Report Finds Major Deficiencies In Government Services

Department of Justice review reveals federal agencies are falling short in website accessibility for Americans with disabilities.

Axe-Con 2023 logo on navy blue bubble with light purple background.

Accessibility Event Spotlight: axe-con 2023

axe-con is a free virtual conference focused on building, testing and maintaining accessible digital experiences, and welcomes developers, designers, business users and accessibility professionals of all experience levels

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CSUN Assistive Technology Conference logo on faded red background.
Disability Advocacy Blindness/Vision Impairment Events

Accessibility Event Spotlight: CSUN Assistive Technology Conference

This year’s CSUN Assistive Technology Conference features a new technology exhibition and live speaker sessions designed for researchers, practitioners, and educators sharing inclusive AT best practices.

The Fable and Fast Company logos in white on a dark navy background.
Founding Partner News Fable

InclusionHub Founding Partner Fable Ranked on Fast Company’s List Of Most Innovative Companies

The digital accessibility firm was recently recognized as one of the world's most innovative companies for 2023 in the design category.

A sea of diverse faces; all have different hairstyles and colors, skin tones and personal styles.
Inclusion DEI Salesforce

How to Authentically Champion Inclusion & Belonging in Your Workplace

To authentically advocate for greater diversity, equity, & inclusion (DEI) in your workplace, enlarge your social circles, request honest feedback, and find an accountability buddy you trust to help manifest your goals.

A group of coworkers welcoming a new person to their team. The new hire has a cane.
Salesforce Blindness/Vision Impairment

Salesforce & BIT: Improving Inclusion, One Employee at a Time

Salesforce Certified Administrator at the Blind Institute of Technology Alan Reuss shares how critical training changed his life after experiencing vision loss.

ATIA logo on cloud-like illustration with a light purple background
Fable Blindness/Vision Impairment Events

Accessibility Event Spotlight: ATIA 2023 Conference

This year’s Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) conference features an in-person exhibition and virtual sessions with manufacturers, sellers, and providers of AT products and services designed to enhance lives.

The InclusionHub Podcast Art featuring the InclusionHub Logo and text that says InclusionHub Podcast on a navy background.
Founding Partner Disability Advocacy Fable Podcast

The InclusionHub Podcast | Episode 11: Founding Partner Spotlight — Fable

In this inaugural episode of our Founding Partner Series, Morey Creative’s Jeffrey Howard discusses accessibility, allyship, and much more, with Fable’s Alwar Pillai and Abid Virani.

The InclusionHub Podcast Art featuring the InclusionHub Logo and text that says InclusionHub Podcast on a navy background.
Founding Partner Podcast

Episode 10: ‘A More Accessible & Inclusive World Is a Better World’

In this episode, Sam reflects on the series and his experience as host during an interview with Jeffrey Howard of Morey Creative Studios, who will be moderating upcoming segments highlighting InclusionHub’s Founding Partners.

A woman sitting peacefully on a grassy cloud; hands surround her and protect her signifying a safe environment.
Disability Advocacy Salesforce Allyship

How Workplace Allyship Supports People With Invisible Disabilities

To ensure all employees have access to the tools and accommodations they need to succeed in the workplace, it is crucial organizations encourage them to advocate for their needs and foster a culture of allyship.

A group of coworkers sitting, chatting and problem solving; one coworker has their service dog with them.
Diversity DEI Community Voice

Where Is DEIB Reform Still Needed & How Can Organizations Improve?

DEIB efforts surged in the months following the racial justice protests in 2020, but momentum has since slowed. To make such efforts more sustainable, organizations must integrate DEIB into corporate systems to empower long-term behavioral and mindset shifts.

Illustration of green, yellow, red, and black butterflies and moths surrounding red tulip flowers and leaves.
DEI Community Voice

Lily Zheng: Transforming Company Culture the Right Way

DEI consultant, public speaker, and author Lily Zheng advises companies on new policies and protocols to achieve a more inclusive environment.

Illustration of a group of professionals holding smiling masks; their true expressions are of sadness, worry and discontent.
Inclusion Salesforce Neurodiversity

It’s Important to Create Psychological Safety for Autistic Professionals

Creating psychological safety on your team can help neurodiverse professionals embrace their strengths and better navigate the workplace.

Illustration of a diverse group of people with their arms around each other, hugging.
Diversity Inclusion DEI

DEIB: Who Is Impacted & Why It’s Important

While DEIB impacts all people, it seeks to empower BIPOC communities with equitable opportunities to thrive in the workplace—particularly important in light of recent racially-motivated crimes and centuries of historical underrepresentation.

Illustration of a father and son playing video games on a flat screen television.
Design Accessibility Industry Spotlight Disability Advocacy Blindness/Vision Impairment

Why Accessible Video Games Matter

Accessible video games can contribute to overall quality of life and interpersonal relationships, as well as helping to combat social isolation for those living with all types of disabilities.

The InclusionHub Podcast Art featuring the InclusionHub Logo and text that says InclusionHub Podcast on a navy background.
Disability Advocacy Fable Podcast

The InclusionHub Podcast | Episode 9: ‘The Future Is Unwritten’

In this episode, Sam continues this important conversation by revisiting several core themes of the series, along with vital insights from past guests, to look ahead to what the future may hold for digital accessibility and inclusion, for all.

Navy and teal Sight Tech Global logo on a light green background.
Fable Blindness/Vision Impairment Events

Accessibility Event Spotlight: Sight Tech Global

Sight Tech Global is a free and accessible annual virtual conference addressing how emerging technologies can improve the lives of people with disabilities.

Illustration of Astro wearing glasses and a Salesforce Trailblazer sweatshirt, waving.
Industry Spotlight Disability Advocacy Salesforce

Blazing a Trail for Salesforce Administrators With Disabilities

A Salesforce admin for the nonprofit Benetech, Kathi Duffy utilizes the Trailhead program to enlarge her skillset and blaze a trail for other professionals that are d/Deaf or hard of hearing.

Illustration of two people wearing pride gear and celebrating. They carry a Trans Pride flag with the Point of Pride logo on it.
Inclusion Industry Spotlight LGBTQIA+

Equity Through Actions: Point of Pride Amplifies Accessibility, Transparency, and Engagement

Nonprofit organization Point of Pride expands its services to the most vulnerable, ensuring access to life-saving health and wellness services.

The InclusionHub Podcast Art featuring the InclusionHub Logo and text that says InclusionHub Podcast on a navy background.
Accessibility Disability Advocacy Podcast

The InclusionHub Podcast | Episode 8: 'Necessary Evils'

In this episode of The InclusionHub Podcast, host Sam Proulx resets the table, so to speak, returning to several critical yet rarely articulated insights shared by guests of our inaugural drop, and re-evaluating where we are as a society in the collective quest toward true digital accessibility and inclusion, for all.