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How Workforce Navigators Is Bridging the Disability Employment Gap

Salesforce’s Workforce Navigators program not only aids in skill building for professionals with disabilities, but also promotes an accessibility-first design approach prioritizing digital inclusion from the start—benefiting all users.

A pair of designers working on an inclusive design system on a giant computer screen.

Inclusive Design Is Central to Accessible Product Development

Salesforce’s vice president of product accessibility advocates for inclusive design and meaningful engagement of people with disabilities throughout the design process, rejecting the outdated practice of post-development usability studies.

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Salesforce’s 2024 Stakeholder Impact Report Highlights Accessibility Initiatives

Salesforce’s 2024 Stakeholder Impact Report showcases its 25-year legacy of advancing accessibility and inclusion through strategic partnerships, innovative training programs, and global initiatives—all aimed at empowering professionals with disabilities.

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Integrating Accessibility Testing Into Salesforce's Trailhead Program

Continual improvements to Salesforce’s Trailhead program are informed by accessibility testing and ongoing feedback received from participants with disabilities.

An illustration of a diverse group of people with different types of disabilities.
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How to Communicate Your Disability Inclusion Plan Internally & Externally

When communicating about your disability inclusion plan, ensure it's accessible for all, integrated into your regular meeting structure, uses marketing collateral to inform, and is discussed consistently and frequently among employees and external stakeholders.