Our Mission

Help businesses prioritize digital inclusion and celebrate those who have achieved it.

What is Digital Inclusion?

Digital inclusion is the intersection of both technology and access—making the web, applications, and other technologies accessible to everyone.

In researching and planning for digital inclusion, you'll discover myriad service providers worth considering. However, due to the sheer volume of resources and the way they position themselves makes the discovery process a bit overwhelming. InclusionHub is designed to help businesses and decision makers learn about their options and make quality choices to support their unique digital inclusion needs.

InclusionHub is a crowd-sourced database powered by users and specialists dedicated to helping businesses understand and improve digital inclusion.

Resource Integrity

Our mission is to help businesses make quality, unbiased decisions, so it's important that the information presented here is completely uninfluenced. While InclusionHub depends on donations and sponsorships, contributing parties are entitled only to the benefits outlined below and are granted no right to influence reviews, profiles or criticisms.

The integrity of the InclusionHub resource directory is our highest priority and under no circumstances will that be compromised.

  • Profiles are written by objective InclusionHub staff.
  • Reviews are vetted for authenticity.
  • Public feedback is welcome and encouraged.

Founding Members

Companies committed to the mission of InclusionHub: Helping businesses prioritize digital inclusion and celebrating them when they do.