Founding Partners

Committed to the mission of InclusionHub, Founding Partners ensure our vision is realized

What is InclusionHub?

InclusionHub is a crowd-sourced database of accessibility providers, powered by users and specialists dedicated to helping businesses understand and improve digital inclusion.

InclusionHub provides an unbiased, transparent and searchable resource of companies that specialize in all aspects of digital inclusion. Our goal is to cultivate a community of forward-thinking digital inclusion technology and service providers with the knowledge and skills to help guide users in their accessibility journey.

This is achieved with the support of a few select partners.

Who is InclusionHub for?

InclusionHub is designed to help organizations with a digital presence learn more about Digital Inclusion, and empower them to make decisions about resources that support their needs.

Who benefits from a vetted directory of digital inclusion services?

  • Organizational Leaders with Accessibility Initiatives
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Professionals
  • Human Resources Executives
  • Web Designers and Developers
  • Content Creators
  • Policy Makers
There is no other place where this information exists in a singular, central resource.

Supporting InclusionHub

InclusionHub relies on funding from two primary sponsorships: Premium Listings and Founding Partners. 

Premium Listings are enhancements any resource can make to their listing to communicate more information about their service. This monthly subscription entitles the resource to additional listing benefits including contact info, social media links, more descriptive content, embedded audio and video, and more.

Founding Partners fund the majority of our operating expenses and receive substantial benefits above the typical "sponsorship" level of exposure. Founding partners are indeed "partners," contribute greatly to the direction of the InclusionHub. The benefits of being a Founding Partner represent more of an affiliation of like minded organizations with the shared goal of improving the digital world.

Founding Partner Benefits:

01 Logo Placement

Founding Partner logos are included on in many places, including site-wide through the footer, prominently on the sponsors page, in all InclusionHub email communications, collateral and all marketing materials.

02 Premium Listings+

In addition to the benefits Premium Listing sponsors enjoy (contact info, social media links, descriptive content, embedded audio and video, etc.) Founding Partners are permitted to include a contact form or other lead capture opportunities.

03 InclusionHub Podcast Exclusive Sponsorship

The InclusionHub podcast is a mini-series that comprehensively takes its audience through six aspects of digital inclusion, including different types of disabilities and assistive technologies, attracting, hiring and supporting talent, the legal implications of digital inclusion and solutions for addressing digital inclusion. Founding partners all receive a :20s dynamic ad on all episodes and one entire episode dedicated to the Founding Partner.

04 Content Contribution

Founding partners are quoted and cited in InclusionHub articles. They are also permitted to publish original content to further demonstrate their commitment to digital inclusion initiatives, both internally and to help others.

05 Exclusivity

Founding Partner opportunities are category exclusive and limited. The term "Founding Partner" is reserved for sponsors who commit to supporting InclusionHub within the first year of launch. It is not required that Founding Partners have an appropriate listing in the Resource Directory.

Phase One: Fully Funded

InclusionHub Beta Site Launch

October 1, 2020 - December 31, 2020

The initial phase of development was fully funded and supported by our two Founding Partners, Morey Creative Studios and Be My Eyes. Their support facilitated the initial design-build of the resource directory, core site pages and content landscape. InclusionHub launched Phase One in a beta environment in Q4 of 2020, and our team will be monitoring the site performance, refining our own accessibility measures, and hardening the core infrastructure.

Be My Eyes Logo

Phase Two: Financial Support Pending

InclusionHub Go-To Market

January 1, 2021 - June 31, 2021

We are committed to building through the next stages of development, regardless of whether we attain new funding or support. Additional support, however, will be greatly amplify our ability to scale. A portion of phase two sponsorship funds will go directly toward paid digital campaigns designed to increase traffic and engagement with a wider audience. The resulting reoccurring revenue will subsidize planned InclusionHub programs including the "Certified Inclusive" Business Directory.

The balance of funds will be allocated toward known operating expenses including ongoing database moderation, content production, research, podcast production and outreach. 

Help create a more inclusive digital world.

Contact us to learn more about Founding Partnerships and how you can help.



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