InclusionHub Founding Partner Fable Ranked on Fast Company’s List Of Most Innovative Companies

The Fable and Fast Company logos in white on a dark navy background.

Image Description: The Fable and Fast Company logos in white on a dark navy background.

InclusionHub Founding Partner Fable Ranked on Fast Company’s List Of Most Innovative Companies

The digital accessibility firm was recently recognized as one of the world's most innovative companies for 2023 in the design category.

Mar 08, 2023

InclusionHub Founding Partner Fable, a leading accessibility testing platform, has been recognized by Fast Company as the No. 5 Most Innovative Company in the design category for the year 2023. Fast Company's annual list acknowledges businesses that are leading the way in innovation and paving the way for the future in their respective industries.

Fable's mission since its inception has been to revolutionize the way organizations build products by incorporating usability for people with disabilities in product development cycles. This approach has consistently driven product innovations that have greatly improved the way people live and work. Fable's recognition on Fast Company's list is a testament to the company's unwavering dedication to accessibility and innovation.

"We are pumped about Fable’s recognition in Fast Company's list of Most Innovative companies worldwide. We share the stage with other amazing innovators like Figma, Microsoft, and many others," said CEO and Co-Founder Alwar Pillai in a post on LinkedIn.

The company extends its gratitude to its community of accessibility testers, comprising assistive technology users with disabilities, whose valuable input has made Fable's work and innovation possible. Fable also thanks its customers and team members, who have collaborated to make the digital world more accessible and user-friendly for everyone.

In an interview for The InclusionHub Podcast, Pillai said there's no reason our digital existence should be less accessible than our physical reality, and she's incredibly proud of how far the organization, which is driven by people with disabilities, has come in such a short time.

"It's been such an amazing journey with everything that we've done with Fable. and the kinds of organizations we're getting to support, and the impact we're having," she said. "One of the things when we started the business was really leaving in the voices of people with disabilities throughout all processes. And for us, that's building our community and being able to provide flexible working opportunities to people with disabilities, and our community of testers being able to influence the biggest corporations in the world and how they build accessible products. That's super exciting."

Fable's innovative approach to digital accessibility has earned it a spot on Fast Company's prestigious list alongside other industry leaders. Check out the article and complete list.

Fable specializes in digital accessibility solutions. Its mission is to make the digital world more accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities. Its community of accessibility testers includes assistive technology users with disabilities who helps inform and improve digital products and services offered by businesses, organizations, and government agencies. Fable has been recognized as a leader in digital accessibility and has received several awards for its innovative solutions. Check out Fable’s appearance on The InclusionHub Podcast: Founding Partner Spotlight.

Fast Company is a leading American business media brand that focuses on technology, innovation, and leadership. It was founded in 1995 and provides coverage of the latest trends and developments in business, technology, design, and creativity.

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