About Certified Inclusive

Addressing diversity and inclusion requires commitment from a company beyond just a few advocates. For true systemic change, inclusiveness needs to be integrated into a company's culture and values, which requires buy-in from leadership and company-wide alignment. This process may be challenging, requiring not only an investment of resources, but also the willingness to admit failures of the past in service of building a better future.

Companies that recognize the importance of digital inclusion and responded with meaningful change should be celebrated.

The Certified Inclusive Business Directory

Certified InclusiveFor a business, addressing diversity and inclusion requires commitment from leadership and an allocation of resources. While D&I are civil rights issues, the degree to which a company achieves digital inclusion is ultimately at the company's discretion.

Once a business is awarded the distinction of "Certified Inclusive" they are permitted to use the Certified Inclusive badge on their website and marketing materials, linking back to the InclusionHub business profile and explanation of their inclusion efforts.

Certifications are renewed annually and profiles are updated periodically through the year. While there are listing enhancements that can be purchased, there is no financial requirement to be considered and awarded the Certified Inclusive distinction.  

Businesses are assessed in the following categories:

01 Digital Accessibility

Digital properties including a companies websites, apps, documents and other interfaces are built to allow all users to access them through whatever means they require.

02 Media Accessibility

Audio, video, communication, other synchronized media and social assets are built to allow all users to access them fully regardless of abilities. 

03 Digital Diversity and Inclusion

Digital properties speak to and service all users regardless of ability, disability, race, culture, ethnicity, orientation, disposition, or any other “differentiating” factors.

+ Commitment Documentation and Demonstration

Clear documentation of a company's digital diversity and inclusion initiatives or acts demonstrating support of traditionally marginalized or ignored communities. 

Businesses are rated on a scale of 0 to 5 in each category based on information submitted in the nomination process and a phone interview.

It is not required that a company be 5 out of 5 in all categories to be deemed Certified Inclusive. Once accepted, a Certified Inclusive business is provided the Certified Inclusive badge to embed on their website, linking back to their InclusionHub business listing.

Do you know a business that has made Digital Inclusion a priority?  Nominate them to the Certified Inclusive Business Directory.