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UserWay's Accessibility Widget, available for all leading CMS platforms as well as plain HTML/CSS/JS sites, brings your website into compliance with the strictest governmental regulations as required by the ADA by instantly remediating accessibility violations. We are proud to say that tens of millions of pages meet the strictest compliance laws based on WCAG 2.1 AA requirements thanks to UserWay's pioneering technologies.

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Obviously, there is evidence that sites with accessiBe still get sued, but UserWay’s argument is that accessiBe’s overlay is somehow unique for that..." "UserWay and accessiBe are two rotten peas in a dirty dirty pod.

Article: #UserWay Will Get You Sued by Adrian Roselli

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UserWay is a parasite for sellers trying to link accounts to Payoneer

If I log in to Payoneer without reference to, there is no problem. BUT when I log in to to create a seller account, which requires linking my account with my Payoneer account, the circular red UserWay logo is on the Payoneer home page in the lower right hand corner. As soon as I try to log in, UserWay's overlay creates a pop-up window which means that if I want to continue to log in, I have no choice but to pass through that unwanted overlay. I also get pressure from UserWay to subscribe to their expensive "services." I don't want anything from them. I contacted several times giving them screen shots, URLs, and detailed notes, and all they did was refer me to Payoneer. So I contacted Payoneer and uploaded screenshots with notes and an awaiting their response. UserWay is a parasite!

Anonymous November 19, 2022

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Comment Title: UserWay is a parasite for sellers trying to link accounts to Payoneer

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